What People Are Saying...

  • What People Are Saying...

    Y’all are sooooo helpful!!! I just keep coming here over anywhere else for things! [The group has] really felt like a judgement free zone!

  • Ian Vroon says...

    This ezine is awesome! What an incredible resource. You guys have outdone yourselves. We're looking into homeschooling our daughter eventually (she's 2, so not too soon). These have some good ideas.

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    Thank you for making this information available to us. I need all the help I can get when it comes to marketing.

  • Heather Huhman says...

    I read through Homeschool Quest magazine and it was amazing. You did a really awesome job. I loved all of the effects and details on each page.

    Heather Huhman says...
    Love Of Learning
  • Enrica Minetti says...

    From an advertiser's perspective, having one of my resources published in Homeschool Quest Magazine, I have been delighted to witness a significant increase in views on my featured content, even within a few weeks. This rise in interest not only highlights the magazine's growing popularity, but also indicates the strong readership and engagement it enjoys. It's truly rewarding to see my work reaching and resonating with a wider audience through Homeschool Quest Magazine.


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    I thought my business was months away from being featured in a magazine... But the Homeschool Quest made it so easy and affordable for me to place my first magazine ad ever! I'm so excited about the number of eyes on my products!

    Salt and Lightspeed
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    Loved the magazine. It was fun to see and flip through. I'm still getting signups for my newsletter, which is awesome!

    Teaching In The Home
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    The Homeschool Quest team is great to work with! They are organized and timely. The live classes they host create great interaction between the instructor and the audience and are great for promoting products.

    Peanut Butter Fish Lessons
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    I appreciate the high level of engagement the Homeschool Quest Community has given my content. I've worked with a number of homeschool organizations and communities and this one provided the best engagement per dollar of any I've worked with.

    Towers of Light Christian Resources LLC
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    I so appreciate all the exposure to my site. It has been the BIGGEST blessing. Thank you! 

    Create My Garden